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Revolute specialise in customised end-to-end insurance solutions for the cash and valuables market.

With over 20 years experience in this space and having insured billions of Rands why wouldn’t you trust us with your cash and valuables?

Our experienced risk management and underwriting team will put together the perfect solution to meet your risk and insurance budget requirements.

What We Cover

Cash on-site

Cover for cash stored in an electronic cash acceptance device or manual drop-safe with a minimum category 3 rating

Cash deposit device

Cover for ABM’s (Automated Banked Machine), Electronic Cash Acceptance Devices either owned or leased where you are liable for loss or damage caused by forceful or attempted entry

Cross pavement

Cross pavement cover is provided for cash being moved from the client’s premises (out of device/safe) to the vehicle transporting the cash. The provider moving the cash being an accredited Cash-in-transit service provider. (All bags and cash will be carried in an approved cross pavement carrier, also known as CPC)

Cash in transit

Cover provided for cash being carried or transported from the point of origin, being the client’s premises to the end destination, being a cash processing centre or bank

Cash Processing Centre

Cover for your cash whilst in overnight storage at the cash processing centre before being processed and settled into your bank account by the processing entity

Gold / Bullion

Cover for Gold or Bullion being transported by professional Gold and Bullion carriers who specialise in carrying your valuable cargo to and from exclusive markets or holding facilities


Our services can be customised to provide cover for transit and temporary storage of your specific art collection, while offering professional consultation and attention to detail, every step of the way.

Precious Gems & Stones

If you are in the market for insurance cover on your gem and precious stone collection, we can gladly provide a policy that will meet your needs. Cover can be provided on an individual piece or can be structured to provide blanket cover for your whole collection whilst in transit and temporary storage

High-end Valuables

Cover provided will include personal as well as commercial cover on high-end valuables like watches and jewellery whilst in transit and temporary storage

Event Insurance

Organisers of an event should purchase this insurance if they are expecting to receive cash payments as it will protect against loss and theft. If you are receiving entry cost payments for your event or you are charging for food and drinks, you will require money cover insurance. If you are a stallholder and are operating at a stallholder fair or craft fair, you will need money cover insurance to protect your earnings.

Are You Covered?


Total End-to-End Solutions

From the time the cash lands in your till until banked.

Cash On Your Premises

Tills, drop safes and vaults



Either transported by the store owner to the bank or whilst in the custody and care of a professional cash centre carrier.

Cash whilst overnight in a professional cash processing centre that has not yet been credited to your account.

Transits of High Valued Items

Gems, diamonds, art, gold etc whilst in the custody and care of a specialised transport security company


What Industry Leaders Say

“As members of the Cash In Transit Association of South Africa (CITASA), Revolute is actively involved in our industry, as well as our efforts to manage and mitigate risk in the assets-in-transit environment.”
"I have dealt with the people behind Revolute, and fully support their company’s product and service offerings "

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