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As a broker, it’s important to think about the long-term benefits of protecting your clients. And what better way to do that than by offering insurance that covers their cash handling risks and valuable movements? With this new opportunity, you’ll be able to provide a superior level of security for your clients and secure a stable income for yourself. It’s a win-win for everyone!

You can benefit from the expertise and services of an experienced market leader in the management and movement of cash and valuables.

With Revolute’s extensive knowledge within the Valuables (art, gold and bullion, precious gems and stones), and Cash-in-Transit environments, specialising in Insurance, Risk Management, Cash Management and Cash Security Services, our experienced team can offer you a range of expert end-to-end cash management solutions.

“With more than 20 years experience in the cash insurance environment we are true experts in the industry”

Our Valued Partner

We are the only underwriting agency that is a member of CITASA (Cash in Transit Association of South Africa).

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Our Movement of Valuables
Solutions Include:

  • Ad-hoc Movements: As and when your clients require cover when moving their valuables.
  • Gold or Bullion Movements: From mines, between vaults or banks etc.
  • Fine Art: Protecting your clients’ financial investment whilst being moved by specialists in this field.
  • Gems and Precious Stones: From mines, between branches or whilst on delivery to their clients.

Our End-to-End Cash Management
Solutions Include:

  • Cash-On-Site: Cash is covered from when it is dropped into a cash acceptance device/safe until it is banked.
  • Cash Acceptance: Cash acceptance devices/safes are covered. In instances where the device has been damaged, a flat rate for repair quotations can be negotiated.
  • Cross-Pavement Movement: Cash being moved from the premises to the transportation vehicle is covered.
  • Cash-In-Transit: Cash-in-transit is covered, per vehicle, per transit.
  • Static Cover: Static cover is available whilst your client’s cash is at any Cash-in-Transit (CIT) company cash processing centre.

Choose from Full, End-to-End Cover or a Segmented Offering

The above solutions can be spread over the insured’s risk exposure. In essence, Revolute offers end-to-end cover as outlined above, or as a segmented offering, providing cover for certain sections of your clients’ requirements.

Cover can also be arranged for ad-hoc movements, as well as event cover for short-duration events.

Premium Calculated

on cents per R100 basis; therefor ONLY pay for the actual cash volumes declared up to the selected site limit.

No Excess

Full cover for on site armed robberies and cash in transit

Free Additional Cover

Cash on the floor / cash register

Free Cover

for collateral damage in the event of a ATM / Safe / Device bombing

No Hassle Claims Settlement Process

Internal desktop loss assessments done which requires no external loss adjusters for most claims which speeds up the claims process

Prompt Claims

Settlement usually within 72 hours

Why Choose Revolute As Your Underwriter?

Not only will you earn more commission, you will also be able to offer your clients insurance cover for cash risks that were previously unavailable to the SMME market.

Our specialised insurance solutions for the movement of valuables and our end-to-end solutions is tailor-made for those who manage cash daily.

Our offering include on-site risk surveys upon request as well as sharing an in-depth knowledge on advance security measures. As industry experts we can also provide your client and their clients with expert advice on managing the cash cycle.

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